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Stephane Fournelle  ( Principal )

Graduated in Recreation and in Psychology from University of Ottawa, and in Orthopedagogy (teaching children with special needs) from University of Quebec in Canada, Stephane has been teaching at different levels for over 30 years. Initially an educator in Canada, he has also taught in Jiao Tong University in Shanghai and later appointed as Vice Principal for an International School in Bangkok. His vast international experience working in several countries made him aware of the multi culturism and the sensitivity of working with people of different ethnicities. Stephane is a sports advocate. He believes body-strengthening is equally important as mind-building. He is an avid cook and he understands that nourishment is very important for the daily life. He loves to be surrounded by children and to see them progress from learning.

May Hung  ( Senior Montessori Teacher )

Graduated from the Preschool Institution of Beijing Normal University, May took AMI Montessori Primary level training for children aged 3-6 and aged 0-3 in Denver and in San Francisco, USA respectively. She has been working in early childhood education for over 20 years since then and her love of education grown deeper and stronger every day. She realized that growing up and growing old together with children is constantly full of surprises. 

Jack Yu  ( Senior Montessori Consultant )

Graduated in Social Work from Soochow University in Taiwan, Jack pursued to further study in Denver and Cleveland, United States as AMI International Montessori Primary level training for the age group of 0-3 and 3-6 years old. Jack was teaching as the Lead Instructor in the United States and Taipei for many years prior to his appointment as Chief Interpreter of AMI International Montessori Training in Hangzhou.  Equipped with Montessori theoretical knowledge and well-experienced in practical application, jack is an inspiring trainer who is passionate to education. Most important of all, he enjoys working with children. 

Sylvia Liu  ( Montessori Teacher )

Graduated from English Department of Guangdong Industrial University, Sylvia took the MCI Montessori training in Malaysia and worked in a Montessori kindergarten in Kuala Lumpur for 2 years thereafter. Sylvia thinks that working in early childhood education is quite challenging. She believes that children grow up with happy childhood memory in the Montessori environment. She is delighted to provide guidance to children for independence, and character building and positive thinking towards life.

Esther Ho  ( Montessori Teacher )

Esther graduated from the Institute of Preschool Education, East China Normal University in Taiwan before she continued her AMI Montessori Primary level training for children aged 3-6 in Hangzhou. She loves working with children. Often getting inspiration from just anything in the daily life, Esther is creative in enriching teaching materials for the classroom. She likes to do handicrafts, reading and travelling in leisure.  

Coco Zhao  ( Montessori Teacher )

Graduated from Department of Art and Design, Hebei Normal University, Coco went to pursue for further studies in Australia before receiving her AMI Montessori Primary level training. Coco always try to create a free-spirited but attentive classroom environment for children.

Shabnam Cyrus  ( Montessori Teacher )

洪飞宇 ( Assistant Teacher )

Laroa Larrni Plamiano ( Assistant Teacher )

From the Philippines, Annie graduated from Preschool Education and has over 5 years of working experience, of which 4 years of teaching English to kindergarteners in Shenzhen. Annie is good in bonding with children. She is adaptable and flexible in widening her scope on teaching in the classroom and making English-learning a fun and enjoyable task for children.

Ronald Tan Ngo ( Assistant Teacher )

Studied in interior design, Ronald moved from California, USA to Shenzhen and realized his calling in education. He constantly explores ways to be interactive to children as they are learning to speak the English language. He is a cooking enthusiast.

Chloe Luo ( Virtue Teacher )

After graduating from the college of Preschool education, Zhuzhou Normal University, Chloe took Virtues Development training later in Beijing and became a teacher in character education for young children.  She loves art and enjoys choreographing dances. She believes a harmonized flow of teaching and learning can enable children to be more receptive to love and responsibilities.

Gao su ( Music Teacher )

Graduated from Music Education of Xinghai Music College, Gao Su is proficient in playing piano and organ, and also in dancing. From her piano-teaching experiences in schools, Gao Su realized that the joy of learning is as much rewarding to her as teaching. She always likes to better herself by widening her knowledge in music and always seeks way to inspire children to learn music.

Katie Xie  ( Administration )

Graduated in Business Administration from Shenzhen University, Katie has over 4 years of administrative experience in a foreign enterprise in Shenzhen.  Katie believes that personality and values are profoundly routed from early childhood.  To be a part of the force that shapes children is her drive and dedication in servicing.

Rachel Zou  ( Accountant )

A graduate from the College of Business Administration in Zhengzhou University, Rachel received her degree in Accounting and worked in corporate finance and management for 8 years before joining PMK(Peninsula Montessori Kindergarten) . The nature of her work is very detail-oriented and orderly, thus working in an environment with children are full of contrasts, randomness and even fun.

Wu tingting  ( Physician )

Graduated from Xianning Medical School, Dr. Wu spent 3 years in clinical practice in maternity and pediatrics in a public hospital in Shenzhen. She is caring and she has tremendous patience when working around children. She is committed to create a healthy and positively-energized environment for PMK.