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                                   Our Mission

    Perfection of one's virtue, positive attitude towards life, ability to judge and deal with issues and ultimately reaching happiness are the goals of education.

    A true sense of happiness comes when one is satisfied from within and reaches eternal harmony rather than physical satisfaction which can never achieve genuine happiness.

    One could only spread joy to the people around him when he is truly satisfied from within. Only then is he good to society and possibility giving back to society. One's value does not depend on what he has gained but what he is able to offer.

    Education for children has gradually gained much publicity. In regards to either physical or mental, before the age of seven is the best period of time for the manifestation of all perspectives of potentials, in particular character and habits.

    Preparing an environment for the development of the child’s body and mind is our greatest responsibility. All kinds of activities are offered to the child to allow the fullest development of the child’s divine abilities and his desire to explore the environment. It is then that he is prepared with solid knowledge as a foundation for future learning. Most important of all, there has to be harmony between the development of body and mind.

    It is impossible to calculate one's potential when he is equipped with concentration. When one is attracted by his environment, he would then explore with great effort and thus a sense of satisfaction would arise. The interest for learning would become spontaneous and sustainable. This interest is the motivation for future learning. Just providing or teaching knowledge is not education. Instead, we should help and stimulate the child's passion and confidence for the exploration of the environment. The only way to understand and complete the development of a human is to explore the environment and learn from it so as to cultivate his ability to think independently and his ability judge holistically.

    It is our mission to respect and care about life. We also wish to cultivate the child with this noblest quality of humanity so as to live a happy life and to spread it amongst people around him and the society. It is our responsibility and honor to do so.